Getting Around

There are three major modes of public transport to help you navigate Melbourne, train, tram and bus. There is also taxi but Melbourne is set out in a grid and the landscape relatively flat so it is easy to get around on foot or you can rent a bike from one of the many self-rental stations found throughout the city and some inner suburbs such as Port Melbourne by the beach.

The most popular form of transport is tram with an extensive network that can take you just about anywhere, while train covers inner, outer and outlying areas while the bus fills the gaps.

In the city, the tram is free as long as you ride within the free zone and these are clearly marked at city tram stops. If you’re unsure consult the transit map on board or ask a the driver when the tram is stationary.

Outside or when passing through the free zone you’ll need a myki card, you can buy these from machines found at most stops and stations or where you see the myki sign at selected kiosks and newsstands. When you board and disembark, you must swipe the card on and off or you will be riding the system illegally.

Myki cards are not available for purchase on board any mode of public transport. If you are arriving at Melbourne airport, your only transport option to the city centre is taxi or skybus. If you’re on a budget skybus is your best bet. There is also tourist options such as sightseeing bus and river cruise’s to specific points of interest.

Melbourne, so easy to get around.

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