Lanes and Arcades

Melbourne has a fascinating laneway culture which incorporates cafes, bars, galleries and boutiques. Laneways can be found scattered around the city, and spending some time searching them out is a great way to immediately feel part of Melbourne’s unique culture. Blend in with the locals and find a cosy space where friends and colleagues meet, eat, drink and socialise.

Laneways are generally found running between Melbourne’s primary and secondary streets, such as Collins Street, Bourke Street, Flinders Lane and Little Collins Street. An ideal place to start is Degraves Street, opposite Flinders Street station, which is a hive of activity, especially around lunch time. Degraves Street and adjoining Centre Place are one of Melbourne’s most sought-after locations.

A great place to find casual style food is Hardware Lane, between Little Bourke and Lonsdale Streets. Coffee-lovers are spoilt for choice throughout Melbourne’s laneway network – there’s a reason Melbourne was judged to have the best coffee in the world!

For street art lovers, don’t miss eclectic locations such as Hosier and Rutledge Lane, and don’t forget AC/DC Lane, named after the famous Australian band, for music and restaurants..

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